Ayurdhan Traditional Ayurvedic Healing Center
We are devoted to age old Indian medicine system of ayurveda with holistic approach to health care. We provide unique method of treatment , incorporatting age-old traditions in ayurveda and yoga, with modern facilities.Now you may ease your worried about Spondilities, Artjritis , Rheumatic Disorders, Joind Dieases , Chronic Head ache , Insomnia , Diabetes, Skin Disorders , Muscili-Skeletal , Neuropathy,Paralysis , Piles ,fist and Lower back ache, hair fall or grey hair.

We provide extensive packages for Weight -Reduction , Beauty Treatment ,Rejuvenation Treatments , Sress relieving therapirs etc.
Our well experienced certified therapists are guided by panel of expert ayurvedic phusicians, who monitor each treatment as well as rejuvenation therapies at most care.Our therapy equipments are made from high quality medicinal woods.The herbs and oil used in different therapies are specially brought from reputed - leading Pharmaceutical companies of Kerala

Back Pain ? Never Again.

Treatment for backpain varies from Katibasti, Khizi , various types of basti and some yoga postures to simple massage with concentration to certain types of pressure points .Back pain , slip disc and spondylisis treatment for spinal dislocation/misalignments, spondylitis and neck pain. Cure Spondylitis through Sirovasti .Sirovasti is also a good treatment for facial paralysis , insomonia ,chronic headaches and numerous other disorders. Your vision and mental ability improves with this.

Weight Reduction.

Weight Reduction in natural way.

A holistic approach to maintain optimal body weight and good health.It helps you to shed those unwanted pounds getting rid of excess fat and correcting hormonal imbalances that cause obesity. This therapy combines massage with carefully prescribed internal medicines and a special vegetarian diet.Reduced wrinkles and a soft and glowing complexion are the other visible benefits.This treatment will correct you complete metabolism.


Psoriasis treatment in herbal way.

We have high success rate for curing psoriasis patient.Medicines provided by our experienced doctors helps in purifying the body from all the poisonous substances accumulated from bad lifestyle of the patient.Then panchakarma treatment will be prescribed by the doctor.

Eye Skin and Hair Care

The eye care treatment helps in relieving tension in the eye which cause poor eye sight , pain ,fatigue.It brings luster to the eyes and smoothens away wringles.Hair problems such as hair fall , dandruff ,grey hairs , are taken care with therapies which improves blood circulation and stimulates the nerves preventing hair loss, and improving the strength of the hair roots . Our skin therapies are anti agins , rejiventating m that restores the natural complexion and revitalizes tired dull skin.

Migraine and Sinusitis

Ayurveda has proven remedies for migraine and sinusitis.We have very scientific way of treatments with proper diet and oral medicines at our center

Pre and post natal health program

Ayurveda therapies with specially prepared medicated oils can bring you back to perfect shape, besisdes helping to strengthen sagging abdominal and weak back muscles.

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